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Gold has always been a popular option for
jewellery, and nose rings aren’t an exception. Its unreactive and hypoallergenic
properties make gold safe for piercings, and the colour and shine simply can’t
be beaten. We think that everyone with nose piercings should have a gold nose
ring in their jewellery collection.

If you’re not a fan of traditional gold
jewellery, white gold nose rings and rose gold nose rings are an alternative.
These modern trends have proven themselves to be more than a fad as their
popularity continues to rise without showing any sign of slowing down. Now
plenty of nose ring designs are available in white gold and rose gold.

Gold nose rings come in a variety of styles
and designs; from simple gold ball nose studs or plain nose hoops, to nose
rings in more striking shapes or with gemstones and beads. We sell an array of
different gold nose rings on our website: piercbody.com.  We put quality above all else, ensuring our
nose studs are always up to the highest possible standard.

A Guide to Gold Nose Rings

Are you looking to treat yourself to some
new nose piercing jewellery? We’d recommend a gorgeous gold nose ring. Gold is
a safe, hypoallergenic material that looks beautiful and comes in an excellent
range of designs. Here we will break down why we love gold nose rings. Along
with providing some information on how to care for your gold jewellery, to keep
it shining for years to come.

Benefits of Gold Nose Rings

First off, it looks good. It’s a pretty basic
point, we know, but gold is considered a precious metal for a reason. Gold nose
rings catch the light and sparkle in a way not many other metals can replicate.
That, combined with the stunning colour, makes for jewellery you’ll be excited
to wear.

When it comes to nose piercings, there are
plenty of classic designs out there, along with many innovative new ideas. Gold
nose rings are classy no matter what style you’re going for. Whether you’re looking
for a discreet nose ring with a ball or a simple gemstone nose stud; or if you’re
opting for something a little different like a beaded hoop or cute animal
design. Gold nose rings can be worn casually as an everyday piece, as well as for
a special occasion.

Gold nose ring
for work? Sure! They’re comfortable and smaller designs can be inconspicuous.


Gold nose ring for date night? Definitely!
You can go bold with a gold hoop or have something dainty and pretty like a gold
nose stud with a crystal.


Gold nose ring for a wedding? Absolutely!
We have gold nose hoops with pearl beads, and pearls set into gold nose studs that
will go amazing with a white dress.

Gold is a very non-reactive metal, this
means it doesn’t tarnish, so the beautiful shine will last a long time. This is
part of the reason why solid gold is better than gold plated nose rings.
Although gold-plated jewellery looks great initially, it tends to have a short
lifespan because the plating can wear off; revealing the metal beneath. In addition
to that, although gold itself is usually hypoallergenic, gold plate takes on
the properties of the material beneath. That’s why the gold-plated nose rings
we do have use high quality base metals like sterling silver, rather than
nickel or other cheaper materials.

Are Gold Nose Rings Safe

You may have noticed that above I wrote
that gold was “usually” hypoallergenic. Pure gold is hypoallergenic; however,
gold alloys may or may not be depending on what the gold is mixed with. The
most common metals mixed with pure 24ct gold to produce yellow gold are: silver,
copper and zinc, which rarely cause reactions. Rose gold also uses copper so, again,
this should be fine for people who need hypoallergenic nose rings. However,
white gold can be mixed with nickel which many people have reactions too. So be
on the lookout for this when shopping for white gold jewellery if you know you
have an allergy (palladium mixes will be better for you). However, it’s
important to note that the extent of the reaction will depend on how much
non-hypoallergenic metal is within the alloy. If it only takes up a small
percentage of the overall materials most people will not experience a reaction.

What Carat Gold is Best for Your Jewellery


Given that I just wrote about gold alloys,
it seems pertinent to explain exactly why we’re using them. Surely, we wouldn’t
have all this confusion if we just used pure gold! It would definitely be
easier to say the higher the carat the better. However, it’s not quite that
simple. 24 carat gold is gold that has no other metals mixed in with it. As
mentioned previously it’s hypoallergenic and extremely non-reactive, which seem
like good qualities in jewellery. Unfortunately, it has another quality- it’s very
soft. This makes it rather useless for making jewellery without adding in other
metals to improve the durability. Particularly when it comes to something as
delicate as nose rings, 24 carat gold is just too fragile.

Instead, we have 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold
nose rings available. Our 9ct gold nose rings give you that brilliant gold
colour and are also affordable. Plus, we have an extensive range of designs
available. The 14 carat gold nose rings offer high purity while still being
durable with many different nose rings to choose from. Lastly, 18ct gold nose
rings are of very high purity and it is rare to find nose rings with higher
carats. However, 18ct gold can scratch more easily since it isn’t as durable,
so you will need to take good care of an 18ct gold nose ring.

How to Care for and Clean Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is an investment, it’s more
expensive than cheap metals but it lasts a lot longer. So long as you take care
of it properly. This is especially true when talking about nose piercing
jewellery. Nose rings are especially delicate, because they are thin to fit
into your nose piercing; due to this it’s important to keep them safe.

The easiest way to stop your gold nose
piercing ring from getting scratches is to keep it in a clean and dry place,
preferably somewhere like a jewellery box, when you are not using it. Luckily
your nose isn’t in a place where the jewellery is likely to get hit (we hope),
so your nose ring is unlikely to get damaged while you are wearing it. Gold
nose hoops stick out so they are most at risk of getting dented during wear, or
when you are opening and closing them to put them in. But, so long as you are
careful with how you handle your nose hoop, there shouldn’t be any noticeable

You are probably very used to the process of keeping your nose
piercing clean, along with the nose jewellery inside it, from when it was still
healing. However, cleaning your gold nose ring is important even after the
healing is finished. Dirt will build up on your piercing regardless of the
material it is made out of, but when it comes to gold some people are afraid of
ruining the piece when they clean it. Despite what might be your initial
thought, gold doesn’t require any special cleaning, at least not day to day. If
your jewellery is experiencing discoloration you can take it to a professional
to have it cleaned. But in general, soap and water does the trick.

Simply take regular dish soap and mix it with
some water. Place your gold nose ring in the water, cleaning with a soft cloth
or cotton pad. It is important to use a non-abrasive cloth, so that you don’t
scratch the nose ring. For nose rings that have more intricate designs (like
the rose above), a soft toothbrush can be used to get into the crevices, just
remember to be gentle. And definitely no cleaning with toothpaste, we’re not
sure where this myth came from but it can damage your gold jewellery. If you
wear makeup, it’s good to put your gold nose ring in after you’ve put it on, so
that foundation and powder doesn’t start building up. If it does, you may have to
clean it more frequently.

Some chemicals can react with the other
metals in gold alloys. One such chemical is chlorine. As a result, you should
always take your gold nose ring out (and take off any other gold jewellery you
may have) before getting in a swimming pool. Gold pieces that spend too long in
chlorine become very brittle. This is particularly bad for nose rings, which
are very thin, and therefore very breakable if they lose their flexibility.
Seamless gold nose hoops are most at risk from this, because you have to bend
them slightly to get them in or out. If chlorine damages your nose hoop too
much it could break when you try to do this.

The Cost of Gold Nose Rings


Gold has a reputation of being expensive,
primarily because it is. However, gold nose rings can be affordable. They are a
lot smaller, and therefore require less gold, compared to something like a
necklace or even a finger ring. This means you can get gold nose rings with
gorgeous designs, and even gemstones, that are still within your price range.


We are committed to selling great quality
piercing jewellery at low prices, and our gold nose rings are no exception. Our
9ct gold nose rings start at a super low £2.04, and we have 14ct nose rings
with prices as low as £3.19, along with 18ct gold nose rings for only £10.44. We
can’t be beaten on price, so if you’ve been tempted to buy a gold nose ring
there’s no better place to get one.